This is a pink ROSARY with Swarovski Crystals.  The metal is sterling silver . This is a one-decade ROSARY,
 If you choose not to repair an old ROSARY you can add any of the parts to the new ROSARY.


Did you know that you do not have to be catholic to own a ROSARY?  You don't have to  be catholic to pray the ROSARY.

GALLERY-The Power of the ROSARY

                                          The power of the ROSARY is beyond description-    
                                                         -Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Visit "how to pray the ROSARY"  page on this blog.            


 I sometimes pray my ROSARY sitting on my small  patio before I begin my day. The quiet of the morning and my little garden  connect me even further in pray. 
Remember that you can say the entire ROSARY throughout the day.  Meditate on each mystery- one at a time- throughout the day. 

Full ROSARY- Swarovski crystals with gold.  The "OUR FATHER" bead  inscription message--PEACE.


This stone is Yellow Jade.  This was designed to be placed in car window.

GALLERY-Infant of Prague mini wooden statue


This is antique and carved in Italy. This is from my private collection.  This mini statue is nearly 100 years old.  It is evident that the person who carved this piece was truly devoted to the Infant Jesus.  You can see and sense the love through this work of art.

 I love the infant Jesus and great things have happened to me because of my faith in him.


MIRACLES  and blessings surround you when love and pray to him.        


We carry books and other religious articles. 
Personalize your ROSARY.      


This order was for a new driver's car mirror.  She loves butterflies. It doesn't obstruct the vision when driving.   
The ROSARY that accompanies this butterfly was connected to air vents of car.
She is able to remove it for prayer and take it with her.                                                                   

Praying the ROSARY-step by step

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  Pray the ROSARY everyday.  There is GREAT power in praying the ROSARY. 

GALLERY-The ROSARY a life time gift.

 The ROSARY on the far right was a lovely gift from a beautiful human being. I just want you to see the different types of rosaries that you can have designed.

                         On this ROSARY the client requested sterling silver flowers to be added.

                                       Most centerpieces and crosses are from ITALY.

Please feel free to go through entire GALLERY and videos to help you in creating your one-of-a-kind ROSARY.

Thank you for your business but most especially your prayers.  May God bless you.


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                  Examples of ROSARIES that you can order custom-designed.

GALLERY-Custom designed ROSARIES

Scroll down the pages to get an idea of the type of ROSARY that you would like designed.  

A ROSARY is a life-time gift that is one-of-a-kind from Cieloscent ROSARY.

Kindly refer to the contact page to submit any questions or requests.

Custom-made ROSARIES

This belongs to me and I carry it every where! Throughout my day, I can pray the ROSARY.

                                   Full size ROSARY.  Swarovski Crystal/Gold -filled


These pieces are examples of the rosaries you can have custom made. Below, along with the rosaries, are other religious articles for sale. For ordering information, visit the contact page above.

Amber Glass Bead Travel-size Rosary
Carry in pocket or suspend on rear-view mirror

Pink Travel-size Rosary
Carry in pocket or suspend on rear-view mirror

Full-size Swarovski Rosary

Pocket-size Swarovski Prayer Kit
Kit come with Swarovski Rosary, Holy Water, and Payer Booklet
Mission Bead Rosary prayer kit
Plastic beads can be ordered in bulk

Message Rosary
Choose your own meaningful words