News from your ROSARY maker.

Wow! Summer just flew by and here we are back to our normal fall routine. 
I hope that you all had a wonderful summer. 

I have begun creating my holiday collection. 

This season I have 14k Gold Rosary beads.  This is the only item that requires a deposit.

 You may elect to use the lay-a-away plan in place for this item

 I will post a picture of this ROSARY once I have completed.

ALL of my ROSARIES are made to order. 

Each month, I make Five ROSARIES that I keep on display.
Sometimes you need to purchase that special gift at the last minute.

In October -I am adding a new page on this blog for the ROSARIES that are a bit more ornate.
Some of you have requested that the 14k GOLD be added and ROSARIES for a bridal party be added.

                         It is truly my sincere honor to be your ROSARY maker. 

                                                      Thanks you.