The Gift of a Rosary Heirloom

Hello.  I pray that all is well with you.  Thank you for all of your orders -I truly appreciate your trust in me to create a Rosary heirloom for your loved one. 

The gift of a Rosary is so personal and special that the recipient will always treasure your gift .

 May God Bless You.


ASH WEDNESDAY -First Day of Lent 2013

Hi Everyone!  There are no Vatican Regulations in regards to the recitation of the Rosary because it is not a liturgical prayer. Most Catholics pray The Sorrowful Mysteries from the beginning of Lent to Good Friday.  

The Rosary is a private devotion and there are no set rules. Simply pray from your heart.  Praying The Sorrowful Mysteries during lent reminds us to be penitential.  
This is a time to reflect on our life as it is today.  What are some changes that you can make today for  yourself that will enable a peaceful tomorrow? 

During the next 40 days, let go of your past mistakes and replace it with a new positive history. This is a time to renew our spirits and come closer to the Lord through prayer. 

Keep a Journal of your spiritual Journey starting today. Dedicating a page for each of the 40 days and write what you are remorseful for and what changes you  will make in your life. 

This is a time for your heart, mind, body and soul to be set free and made new through Christ our Lord.

It is my sincere wish that you all find peace and God's love during this season of Lent. 

During our Lent season receive a free Mission Bead Rosary by emailing your address to us.  Join us in prayer. You don't have to be catholic to request your Rosary Beads.  We welcome you and are happy to send them free of charge.

God Bless You. .

Show your support for our Dear Pope Benedict XVI

Let us pray for our Dear Pope Benedict XVI

3 Our Fathers
3 Hail Mary
3 Glory Be

 May the Almighty God shower you with blessings and may 
the  Holy Spirit be your strength and advocate.

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