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Who Is Truly The Blame?

It is so much easier blaming someone else when things don't go our way. Huh? It releases us from all responsibility. Right? Wrong!  It sets you back instead of propelling you forward in your life. You give away your power when you allow another to control YOUR emotions.  Okay? with me so far? We get things done in our lives when the blame stops.  Trust me, cause I have been there too, my friends. It's easy to say that you aren't happy because someone hurt you. You create your own happiness.  Yup!  You create your own luck and so forth.  Our heavenly Father gave us free will and with it still comes his protection to steer us back on the right road when necessary. Listen, my dears don't beat yourself up when you slip and fall cause we all do but get up quickly. Begin again and keep moving forward on your positive road. I live these words so I know that you can do it too.  No more excuses, because in "starting over" there is absolutely no room for it.  Okay? Great.  So let's continue on our journey and become better with each passing day. 

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Collect Friends Not Things

What does, The book of Proverbs tell about friendships? Proverbs 18:24 says, "A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." And Proverbs 27:6 also says," Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses," What does this mean? In order to have a friend, you need to be a friend too.
 We all need each other.  We are all connected in one way or another.  In Starting over or
re-designing your life your "inner" circle is vital!  Your "inner" circle are family and friends that you communicate with often. Respect their efforts when they are trying to help you through the hurdles in your life. Everything that is valuable you pay for but a good friend you earn.  Yup!  It can't be a one sided deal because the person giving will eventually tire and retreat. Value your friendships! A true friend will stay around even when you are not at your best and tell you so! They aren't judging you but they are protecting you.  Those are the friends that you want to surround you.  A friend who empowers you and doesn't sugar-coat the truth when needed. If you find that you don't connect with someone who was once in your inner circle then you are allowed to retreat and wish them well.  We all need to draw healthy boundaries when we sense that someone isn't truly our friend. We have an "outer" circle that consists of our business contacts, acquaintances and all those that we are not necessarily close to but associate with from time to time. Friendships will be one of the greatest assets in your life so nourish and value them. It is a wonderful feeling to grow old and to have friends that surround you.  They will keep you young! Friendship ....can't put a price on it! Invaluable to you! 

May God Bless you
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Creating An Intentions Board for Goal Setting

Hi Everyone! 

Today's topic:
Our Intentions Board or Vision Board.
A vision board reminds us to stay focused on those goals that we want to accomplish.

Any Size magnetic board. (2)-
One is for your vision board and the other is your
manifestations board.
index cards
magazines or internet picture clippings
magnetic strips to place behind your image
Scotch tape
pictures of yourself
Follow the instructions as per the above radio podcast.

The Cieloscent Book Club:
Begins: November 01, 2013

 Book:  Believe and Achieve by W. Clement Stone

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2 Chronicles 15:7

English Standard Version (ESV)
But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.”

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The Power of Words

We are responsible for the words that come out of our mouths.  Yup!   You choose to either encourage or to instill negativity.  Listen to the above podcast on how the words you choose can instill fear.  The example:  The new healthcare reform.  

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How To Attract Wholesome Relationships Into Your Life-

Okay, so you have been busy Re-designing your life and have lots of your life compartments running smoothly.  You think to yourself that it would be nice to have someone special in your life. You feel ready to share your life with another.  Okay, so what does that really mean? 
Do you feel ready because you are feeling lonely?  Be a voice of truth for yourself:  Are you genuinely ready to have a mature,  healthy, and  honest relationship with another? One of the reasons that relationships don't always last-for some- is due to the "baggage" that one brings into the relationship. Yup!  This means the  "stuff" from your past negative experiences travel with you. Get rid of it!  You really want to enter a relationship with a clean slate.  This is the reason that people who are recently divorced should take a year to "breathe" again.  Get yourself settled and clear out the cobwebs of your mind. Concentrate on your life and "clean" your internal house.  Begin to unclutter your mind.
Re learn to live on your own again. When the divorce is final that means it is time to start over again.  You bring a much better "you" into a new relationship because you have implemented the steps necessary to rebuilding your new positive life.  People can sense a person who is secure and whole. Your Happiness tells others that you know who you are and how you fit into this world. Who doesn't want to spend their days with such a person! There is an amazing confidence that is so inviting when a person is living in peace.  You become a magnet and like-minded people will gravitate to you.  Believe me! Happiness and serenity in a person is attractive! Yet, there are some who still involve themselves with men or women that bring  their baggage from the past straight to their door. This is not a good foundation to start any relationship!  So how do you attract wholesome relationships into your life?

1.  Clear out your "life" closet of all the "stuff" that you no longer need.  What does that mean?  Any resentments, or things that your mind just won't let you forget.  Take care of those issues by seeking professional help if necessary.  Many local parishes have group meetings that you may prefer.  It's really not fair to bring your past hang ups into a new relationship. If infidelity was an issue then you will need to resolve any thoughts  that men or women can't be trusted or whatever else your mind has convinced you of other people. No two people nor relationships are alike. Don't even attempt to get into a new relationship without finishing the one you are in at present.  If you are in transition from a marriage then wait till you are finally divorced. Get your life in order before inviting someone new into it. 

2.  Make sure that the following areas of your life are established and headed in a positive direction:

 Do you have....
a.  A Spiritual/ prayer life? 
b.  A Positive Mindset -the past is over and done. No baggage!
c.  A social network of positive people around you. 
d.  An organized Financial life.

Your life consists of many other doors but these  four are the one's that should be organized.  A person that is happy as one is twice as happy as a couple.  If you  look for someone in fear of loneliness then  your "neediness" will weigh heavy on another. Ask your social circle to introduce you to another "like minded" person.  Your social network is a positive one so you know that you will be introduced to someone who you will share similar interests .
Change is never easy but the one thing that never changes is God's love for you.  Ask him to help you find the right person to share your life. 

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We are all on this Journey together.  We share the same meal (our life) and all meet at the same banquet table.  What do you bring to the table to share with others? Allow this blog to be that table in which you share the exchange of  thoughts, ideas and experiences through our conversations. May God bless you. 

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Set a Positive Mindset

When starting over you need to begin your journey with: 

1.  A prayer life

2.  A positive mindset

Include prayer and meditation everyday.  Get into the habit of practicing gratitude. 

This habit will be your friend in the rebuilding of your life.  This practice of prayer and positive thinking will keep you clear minded. It invites creativity that will help you to build your new life.

A positive mindset will help you carry out all those wonderful new ideas that you get during meditation. A positive attitude helps you to jump over those little hurdles that would normally set you back otherwise. Stay Positive!

Smiles & Hugs
Your Rosary Maker

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What's Next?

Life Through The Eyes Of A Rosary Maker Audio Pod Cast:  Thank you so much for your encouraging comments!  I truly appreciate your kind words. We invite guest speakers for the first time in November after the holiday. 
I am looking forward to bringing you insight on different topics from different Guest Speakers.
Bible Study through the Audio Pod Cast with guest speakers to enlighten us in our bible study.
Cieloscent Book club: The reading of our very first book in November.  Book Title released this Friday!
Mission Rosaries:  Scheduled for December Delivery.  We will keep you updated as to where we have donated the Rosaries.  Thanks! 

The Rosary Artisan Studio:
The Gallery will be open by Thanksgiving. The designs are exclusively those of our Rosary Artisan Studio.

A million thanks for sharing your time with me! Our Cieloscent Family is growing and our mission is to be a voice of truth.  A place where we reach out to help one another in hopes of further reaching our highest human potential.  

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Understanding the Seven Roman Catholic Sacraments

They are gifts from God to us, his human family.  The Seven Sacraments are ceremonies (a visible sign)  that have been established or set in place by God. They are an important and sacred part of our life representing God's Grace-an unconditional love, a free gift of himself to us.

What are the Seven Catholic Sacraments?  
2.Reconcilation or Penance 
3.Eucharist or Communion
6.Holy Orders
7.Annointing Of The Sick

The first step in our Christian journey-regardless of our age- is our commitment to God.  Most often it is the "new" addition to the family who is baptized . The parents are promising God to raise their child to be a good catholic and to follow Jesus. The baby being part of the "human" family now becomes part of God's family through the Sacrament of Baptism. When a baby is baptized in the church the priest pours  water over its head and at the same time says the words "I baptize  you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." 
This is the way in which God forgives us-when we confess and repent of our sins. This sacrament restores the soul and gives grace. We are expected to offer the same forgiveness to others.
Holy Eucharist -
This Sacrament helps us to stay close to God. Jesus comes into our hearts through the Holy Eucharist. We receive Jesus in Holy Communion.
The bishop gives the Sacrament Of Confirmation. This is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Full understanding of your commitment of this sacrament is necessary as this is a deepening of the baptismal gifts received.
This Sacrament demonstrates family values between a loving union of a man and woman. Exchanging their promise to love one another until death.  The sacrament of matrimony is God's way of blessing the union. All Love Comes from God and it begins within the Sacrament of Marriage.
May God the eternal Father  keep you of one heart in love for one another,
that the peace of Christ may dwell in you
and abide always in your home. AMEN

Holy Orders-
This Sacrament is only administered to young men called to serve God's people.  They receive the same powers that Jesus gave the Apostles in that they can say mass and forgive sins.  
Anointing Of The Sick-
This Sacrament takes away all sins and punishment.  Prepares the dying for the Journey from this life into the next one with God. This is a healing of the soul.Through the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick we are assured that God will raise us up, like Jesus, from our bed of pain and sickness and lead us to eternal life. "Through this holy anointing may the Lord in His love and mercy help you  with the grace of the Holy Spirit". Amen. May the Lord who frees you from sin save you and raise you up. Amen.

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Embrace Life

EMBRACE LIFE       “Instructions for living a life.

                Pay attention.

                Be astonished.

                 Tell about it.”                   ― Mary Oliver

We all have a story to tell with chapters that we wish we could just erase. We have written about forgiveness quite often on this blog.  
Personally, I know that-forgiveness- opens the door to the "new" by letting go of the past.  When you let go, you begin to embrace life. You develop a hunger for life and begin living your days differently. You pay attention to those things that you never noticed before. The thing about embracing life is that it INSPIRES you to do great things.  Are you inspired to a new career, owning  a business, relocating to a new state, or just starting over?  If so, set a plan in motion and just do it!  Life all by it self is a wonder but what you can do in it will astonish you!  Share what you have learned with others.  There is a tremendous gift in telling your story. You keep your enthusiasm alive by igniting others to embrace life. Life is made up of moments and we need to value them.  It's not till we realize that our moments are but few or cut short  that we decide to "embrace" life. Don't live in the shadow of your past hurts and resentments. Give yourself permission to embrace life and to be happy. May the Grace of God be with you.  

Smiles and Hugs
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Re-creating Self


The following is a reprint of the original post on juicing for additional   information to audio post.- Thanks.  Be careful with the sugar content. I really didn't think that the one pineapple a day would -add- pounds but possible. 

Join me in our Fall 2013 "Heal Your body" Health Quest. Everyone!  Happy September! Okay, the little kiddies are back in school and that means getting into the fall "mindset". As many of you know, I'm on this "healing" journey which includes going to the gym, yoga, re-designing my meal plans and juicing. The focus today is on juicing. There are a variety of ways to include "juicing" into our busy day. My suggestion is start off slowly- one juice per day in the morning. Even if you decide to stick with only one juice per day you will still benefit immensely from it.  In the beginning, most of us are excited and enthusiastic in starting a new regiment ONLY to find ourselves not doing it at all when the novelty wears off. Better to keep the routine going of one juice per day than none.  All of you know how I feel about morning "rituals".  Set the tone for your day! The  investment on your part is to get up a bit earlier to devote this time for you. 

A quick review for your mornings:

1.  Go on a "news fast"- You can get your news later in the day.  Keep your mind in peace. 

2.  Pray or reflect and express gratitude for the people and experiences that you have in your life today.

3. As you get ready for your day listen to something funny.  LAUGH from your gut! Your body and mind love it!  A good laugh does wonders for your physiology!

4. Here is our new addition to the morning- Start by breaking your fast (breakfast) by juicing.

5. On your way to work listen to messages that inspire you!  Arm yourself with those 
"feel good" messages as you begin your day. 

Step by Step juicing

The Juicer:   Personally, I saved up for an Omega 8005 which is the same as the 8003 and really  enjoy using it.  It is easy to clean and it is durable.  Price varies: Between  $259.00 to 379.00 and worth every single penny!  Folks, I saved up for this unit and purchased it at a restaurant equipment store for $279.00 plus tax. 
This unit is a Masticating Juicer and that means that it "chews" your fruit/vegetable fibers and breaks up the plant cells which means that you get more of those wonderful yummy enzymes and vitamins that your body needs. One of the concerns with "regular" juicers is that the speed causes the unit to heat up affecting the nutritional value of the juice. Masticating "chewing" juicers produce less heat and foam which means you keep more of the nutritional value in your glass of juice.  This machine operates at a slow RPM speed and that's what you want!  Yes, it is costly so if you find yourself temporarily "financially challenged" then consider purchasing the NutriBullet.
The NutriBullet can get you started on your juicing quest and costs $99 plus tax. 

What do I Juice?
Organic produce! What's the point on juicing if your fruits and vegetables contain harmful chemicals.  Of course, I know that they are a little expensive so I'm going to tell you which ones to pick. Okay? 
 A bag of Organic Spinach 
 A bag of  Organic Kale
  Organic Apples
  Organic Celery
  A bunch of Organic Carrots 

Suggestion:  Pick two or three and start slowly.  Your tummy would appreciate that! Trust me! 
I really like Spinach and apple.  This means a handful of spinach and 2 cut up apples 
Try different combinations each day.  Kale and apple.  Kale should not be consumed on a daily basis-once or twice per week is sufficient..  Apples and celery is super yummy!  I leave it up to you to do your homework on combinations.  Diabetics:  Careful with the sugar content. Remember to take note of any sensitivities.  Like everything in life, moderation is the key. 
Friends, it's these little incremental changes that make the difference in our lives.  These positive changes are all cumulative and will ultimately change your life.  You are an incredible being and your body should reflect your positive state of mind.  We are all a "work in progress" so join me in this health quest and lets share our experiences in January 2014!  Keep a journal of how you feel and  how your life is changing as your body reaches" its" perfect weight.  I am going to purchase a journal  today and together we will document our experiences. 
PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL BEFORE STARTING THIS OR ANY OTHER PROGRAM CONCERNING YOUR HEALTH . This blog is based on opinions and we are NOT medical professionals. Consult with your physician. Thank you. . 
 1 Corinthians 10:31 
Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
Smiles and Hugs
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Forgiveness Sets You Free

Sometimes the hurt caused by another is so big that we find it hard to forgive them. I am asking you to reflect today on that pain and to let it go. In order to keep moving in a positive direction you need to let go of old resentments. Forgiving does not mean that you excuse the behavior. It means that you refuse to be in the role of a victim another second. You choose to regain your power back. Yup! The feeling is amazing! Letting go is liberating! I know this to be true because I have needed to forgive big hurts in my life. Forgiveness has kept me moving forward. Take some time to reflect on the hurt.  If you need to write it down and then discard the paper as a symbol of letting go -then- do so. You are a child of the most high God and he did not place you on this earth to be a victim but rather to live in victory. Forgiving can be one of the hardest things to do in life but so worth it for our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Please feel free to email us your comments, questions, or prayer requests via email Kindly contact the Rosary Artisan Studio to place your orders. Thank you. 

 May God's light shine upon you. 
 Smiles and hugs 

Your Rosary Maker 

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What Does Friendship Mean To You?

Reflect on your Social Network Today.

Think of those people today that you call ...friend.  When starting over it's vital that we surround ourselves with positive and uplifting people. It's difficult to move forward when we feel emotionally drained.  Yes, sadly some people that we call "friend" do just that-deplete us of our own enthusiasm.  When a relationship is one sided then we really can't call it a friendship. We are not always at our best so give the person the opportunity to be a friend but if after a reasonable amount of time things remain unchanged then draw a healthy boundary.   This means that you need to retreat and  continue to enjoy your social network without that person. Yes, we feel bad because there were clearly qualities that we admired but when the negative outweigh the positive then it begins to affect you. Friendship is an exchange of qualities that makes us feel good  and secure when in their presence. Take some time today and reflect on your friendships and express gratitude for them.  
A good friend is a true treasure

Many Blessings
      Your Rosary maker
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How To Stop Procrastination-Step by Step

Hi Everyone!  I hope that you had a fantastic weekend!  About a month ago, the topic of procrastination was presented to me and I thought this was an important subject to address as it prevents many from moving forward. Here are my suggestions from personal  experience on how to end procrastination in your life and get moving!

We all do it!  Procrastination! We put things off and claim that we will get to it ....later.  What happens?  We never get to it !  We push the task aside.  Listen, we are all  guilty of this at one time or another in our lives. How chronic is your procrastination?  We do this in all areas of our life but with a little mental shift you can begin tackling procrastination.  Let's begin with your most immediate task at the moment.  A few things before we start:  Make sure that your surroundings are organized because a cluttered environment does not invite  clear thinking. Okay? Your most immediate task is most likely the one you like the least.  This is the reason why you should always start the the task you least enjoy.  Make sure that you are working at your "peak" hours--that means the hours that you work best. Hey, if you're a night owl and are at your best at the wee hours of the morning then so be it. As long as you work at your comfort and get things done but don't forget to rest too. Follow the Audio above.

1.  Get a schedule book that will actually encourage you to participate in the planning of your days.  
2.  Purchase small sticky notes and write your daily "to do"  on each one. 
3.  Break up a long project into smaller tasks.  
4.  Create a deadline or due date for weekly tasks. 
5.  Practice being "mindful"when working on your sticky note tasks. This means turn off all phones and avoid distractions. 
6.  Focus on your end goal. 
7.  Don't forget to throw away each sticky note as you complete the task.  You goal should be to have no sticky note tasks left on your dry erase board. 

Listen to audio above for step by step guidance.  I created the audio before I had written the post so you will notice that I  have added additional information.  Okay?

Thank you for taking this time to read and hear the blog.  Should you have any questions, comments, or prayer requests feel free to email us at 
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Always start your day with prayer.  Today we meditate on 
The Joyful Mysteries

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Put Your Dreams Into Action!


I came across a video on- you tube- of Susan Boyle's first audition on Britain's got talent.  A 47 year old woman that -let's just say- didn't look like your typical "younger" singer auditioning. When asked why she was there her response without hesitation responded, "I want to be a singer".  She was then asked why she thought she hadn't been successful and her response was that no one had ever given her a chance. The moment that Ms. Boyle appeared on stage she seemed doomed to failure by the audience.  In fact,  the audience and judges were not expecting much from this singer but perhaps a laugh or two. What a surprise, when Susan Boyle began singing!  A powerful, beautiful voice that needed absolutely no training.  It was just magic and the audience immediately began cheering her on with amazement at the immense talent.  The judges had a look on their faces of sheer delight as if finding hidden treasure.  This remarkable woman with  a voice of an angel hidden from the world simply by mere perception. The assumption that she was a joke and couldn't possibly sing cheated the world of her talent for many years.  Susan Boyle is now being recognized and validated  as a "singer". This has empowered and  placed within her a confidence that radiates her beauty to the world. The person that you least expect quite often does great things with their life.

If you have a dream, go after it like Susan Boyle.  It must have been frightening to put herself out there in front of the world but she did it anyway.  She stepped outside of her comfort zone and just did it!  You can too!  First, you need to be clear on what you want in life.  She wanted to be a singer and there was no doubt in her mind.  What do you want to do with your life?  It doesn't matter if you are starting in the middle (40"s-50"s) or out of high school.  Next, place your dream into action!  What are the steps needed to make your dream come true?  List those steps and scratch them off as you accomplish each one. A dear person in my life once said, "baby Steps" are needed in getting things done.  Well, he was so right!  Those baby Steps accumulate into big accomplishments. If you have a dream don't keep it in your head, put it into action!  It is your gift to God and the world to use the talents instilled in you.. Don't worry about what others may say.  YOU be your biggest fan and watch the magic happen in your life too. Think BIG!!  
Friends, your standing ovation awaits you but it's up to you to take the first step.  

Thank you, Susan Boyle, your courage and success has inspired us all to follow our own dreams. .  

May the Grace of God be with you. 

You Tube Video :  Susan Boyle 

Not Broken human spirit is an amazing and powerful component built within each of us.  In the most dire of conditions the human spirit is resilient.  My friends, what is the human spirit? It is the "true-blue" you. In other words, it is the core of your very existence. Your spirit is the part that communicates with our heavenly father.  At times, we have serious issues in our lives and this creates an immense sadness. The burden, for some, can be overwhelming.  

 'Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.' John 3:6    
In John 3:6  The verse teaches us that we are born again within our very own human spirit  through the power of the Holy Spirit At this very moment, you may be experiencing  truly tough moments but you are not broken.  You may be tired but the very core of you won't let you give up.  Breathe in life-take a deep breath and  lighten the load by giving it to God.  Don't ever forget who you are!  You are a child of the most-high  God and you have what it takes to get through this storm.  It's in those last seconds when you think to yourself, "I just can't do this anymore...not one more step" that's when  your spirit carries you through.  You may be tired but you are never broken.  

Dedicated to GOLDEN  ROSARY...Anytime that you need to talk.....You are in my prayers.  
It is my hope that you feel blessed each time you visit this blog. 
May this day offer you just what you need in each unfolding moment.                       
Smiles and Hugs, 
Your Rosary Maker  

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