Learn A New Skill (Episode 44)

It is imperative to continue learning new things especially later in life. Quite frankly, when younger we are in a constant state of learning, right? As we age, we get into a routine and somewhere along the line-for some of us-life becomes boring. Yeah, let's tell the truth--the same thing just a different day.  Well, stop doing that now! First of all, there are indeed health benefits to learning new skills.
1.  You become more productive.  
2.  You keep your neurons (workers in your brain) active which in turn keeps you sharp minded. 
3   You are exposed to other like-minded individuals
4.  You have fun doing what you like! Great for our physiology!

The New Year is quickly approaching so perhaps you will consider adding a new skill?
Listen to the Pod cast for some new skill ideas. 

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