Mindful Breathing Meditation Moments-(Episode 43)

There is a true science behind: Breathing.  Yup! On this blog we quite often talk about being "mindful".  Today we  focus on "mindful" Breathing.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah-you say? Let me tell you a few things about breathing that you -may- not know. Okay, we know that it keeps us ticking-right? Did you know that "mindful" breathing promotes inner peace, reduces stress, relaxes the body and mind? Wait! There is so much more to this focused breathing. We all have our own "pattern" of breathing and we don't want to change that but we do want to be "mindful" of it.  The best time is during our meditation time or just before sleep. By the way, Mindful breathing is a natural tranquilizer which calms you when upset and helps you go to sleep.  In my workshops, I introduce "tools" such as utilizing a vision board, journal, affirmations and now focused breathing.  Of course, there is no right or wrong in breathing but I share with you how the "breath" can be used as a tool.  If you have any respiratory or medical conditions you will want  to consult with your medical practitioner before undertaking anything new.   If you have any medical concerns always consult with your medical professional before beginning a new health regiment. Okay? Most of us don't realize it but we don't take nice cleansing breaths during our day.  This is where breathing meditation breaks will help.  They are easy to do anytime and anywhere!   When we inhale our blood is actually purified. How? By removing waste products that hang around inside of our body. You know, the toxic stuff that we accumulate through our environment, chemicals we use and the foods we eat.  Conscious breathing refreshes our system and clears our minds.  Sounds like a good deal-right?  We just have to set some time for our meditation which is easy. 
Listen to this podcast and follow along. Okay,  let's try some mindful breathing:

Close your eyes
Do not change your pattern of breathing--just breathe normally. Observe your breathing. (Strange feeling-right?)
Inhale through your nose and let's count up to 4 as you inhale. 1-2-3-4
Hold 1-2-3
Exhale (very slowly) through your mouth 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10  Exhaling takes longer than the inhaling. You are exhaling the toxic and negativity.Remain aware of your breathing in and out.
Of course, if at anytime you feel dizzy or discomfort -STOP!
Do your breathing meditation twice per session.  Do one set than another and gradually build up through time or to your comfort level. 
Remember there is no right or wrong way.  The only way is "your" way which brings you comfort and relaxation.

Breathing meditation moments are extremely helpful in doing your visualization exercises, meditation and yoga.

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