Guest Speaker: IMEC Inc. Podcast 87

 The following interview contains a discussion about sexual education and other adult topics. The topics are presented from a professional perspective, but we understand that this is a sensitive subject. Listener Discretion is advised

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My Dear Blog Readers

In relation to our conversation, I am quite firm in my personal belief that Abstinence for teens should always be encouraged.  However, I completely support the education of our youth in this matter as it is imperative in the world in which they live. Ms. Iyeesha  explained how IMEC custom-designs each workshop and therefore partners with the parent as to make them aware of the specific subjects to be discussed. Ms. Iyeesha encourages parents participation and questions. I want to thank Ms. Iyeesha of IMEC, Inc for taking this time and educating us on a very sensitive and difficult subject.  
About The Guest Speaker:  Ms. Iyeesha is an Engineer for a telecommunications company, a parent and founder of IMEC.  

Iyeesha of IMEC 
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