Career #2 (Podcast 80)

A special message for someone going through a very rough time right now:  Never forget that what you think about persists. If you panic and remain in that state then that's the energy that you will attract and pull into your life.  I have experienced this law first hand when a sudden shift came into my life.  I learned very quickly that remaining calm is imperative.  Calmness is learned but once mastered all things seem to fall into place EVEN in the face of disaster. It is written in the bible: "As a man thinks, so his is life" so careful with what you feed your mind- Your thoughts create your world.  I speak to you from personal experience.  
Prayer is a powerful tool. 
Pray The Rosary . Smiles and Hugs from Your Rosary maker. 

In Our Podcast Today: Part 2-Enjoy the Podcast!
1.  Be the voice of truth-See your financial life as it truly is at this moment. 
2.  Re-building your life and decided to go to college
3.  Choose the "right"  college program
4.  How to pay for college

  Today we meditate upon the Sorrowful Mysteries

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