The Majesty Of Calmness Podcast 88

The Majesty Of Calmness is in the Public Domain written by William George Jordan. . Calmness open the doors to all that is positive. Living a simple life includes having a calm mental and physical being.  This essay is a written work of art.  If you are consistent and take heed to the words written then you will notice the doors opening in your life  to a new healthy energy. I share this book with you and it is my pleasure to read it to you and together we study,  The Majesty Of Calmness by William George Jordan. Enjoy Podcast!

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Summary of Chapter One Podcast by your Rosary maker:
A life self-controlled is confident and when called upon will meet any crisis or challenge.  To live in fear is the "silencing of all energy" and is death. The person who is always fearful and worried has become a "slave to his environment" Have you surrendered and become content in your present condition?  A person who surrenders to life's difficulties is like a person on a ship with no compass, sailing  with absolutely no direction.  Do you know where you are headedHave you set a plan in place for this year?  Surrendering to a bad situation is not living in a state of calmness nor is there any positive energy in your path as a result. The individual who is in a state of calmness clearly has a plan in place and knows where they are headed.  Each day the calm person lives a better life than the day before.  The calm person is more productive and focused. The calm person as a result is prepared for any challenges that may cross their path. God allows us new beginnings with each rising sun. It is up to us whether we will accept the opportunity to use are God-given skills and to continue to grow.  
Calmness comes from within and only you can acquire it.  Like the ocean- as written- in this essay, only the surface of the ocean may be disturbed but the depth remains calm. This  called to me because if calmness truly reigns deep within us then we will remain unshakeable when required of us.  "Calmness is the crown of self-control". When moments of your day begin to disturb your peace simply -stop- as described in this essay.  My friends, you are allowed to take moments throughout your day to ground your spirit.  Search out that calmness that you have instilled deep within your being. Take a time out to pray and meditate by praying the Rosary. Don't confess "your Inferiority" by permitting your day's disturbances to enter your state of calmness. "One by One they will meet into nothingness" as written in this essay.  Calmness will make the worries simply insignificant and out of mind. Practice calmness everyday and when a time arrives where fear and trouble step in then you will be "brave". Calmness my friends equals courage in all aspects of your life. 
If life challenges should take everything that you value, "with a brave heart and an unfaltering voice say, "so let it be, I will build again".  Yes, my dears you can build again with the confidence .that calmness brings you. Have you heard the saying, "don't get mad, get even" -well I say don't do either. As we learned in this essay, "Be calm". If you attempt to attack another persons character in revenge then you face the same on your own. You cannot set out to hurt another human being without  life's  "Boomerang'" returning back  to you. It may not return right away but please be sure that it will find it's way back home to you. Revenge is  "far beneath"  a person of calmness that it is not even accessible to them. Once calmness begins to be mastered you absolutely begin to emit that positive energy to others.  "A higher standard of living" is required for calmness to be mastered.  Calmness does not travel alone because it is accompanied by other virtues. Practice The Majesty Of Calmness. God Bless You, my dears

2 Timothy 1:7

for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

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