"Baby Steps" Podcast 90

Continuation: A reading from: The Majesty Of Calmness by William George Jordan -Enjoy The Podcast! Personal Thoughts after reading.      CHAPTER 2
Notes from your Rosary Maker:  The greatest progress is that which is done in "baby steps" .  Friends, I used to be a leaps and bounds girl.  I wanted everything to work out  n o w.  An old friend of mine would constantly tell me, "baby steps" and I just thought that was "nutty".  Well, turned out he was 100 percent correct!  Things done in a hurry especially "big stuff" in our lives need to be done inch by inch.  Take your time and do things in your life the right way.  Plan your life and each day work towards your goal.  My friends, your efforts will not go unnoticed  by life.  Your "inch by inch" work is all cumulative and you will see results with patience.  Each day work towards your goal!  Never stop reaching for your dream! Never forget that your dream takes work and it is all up to you whether you will attain it or not.  

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