# 110- All Things Possible Through God Who Loves Us

Monday, February 17, 2014
In This Episode we explore :
Our Main Topic  Thoughts Become Things    

Weekly Featured Topics:                      

1. Simple Living 2014 Do I Really Need This?:    
2. Cieloscent Rosary Artisan Studio-Precious Blood Of Jesus Rosary
 Complete Details can be heard on Today's Podcast- Press the arrow or the picture.                   Pray The Rosary- Today We Meditate Upon: The Joyful Mysteries

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Our Recommendation:  http://tonyagnesi.com      

Such a lovely website!  Tony Agnesi clearly has a gift for words.  Brings God's love  straight to your heart  through the written word.  You will enjoy his blog.

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  Blessing-- Almighty God, our creator, we unite with the choir of angels to sing your praises daily. And today, we give you thanks for giving the angels to us, as messengers of your mysteries and as protectors of our bodies and souls. Grant us peace, joy, and thanksgiving, being always mindful of the unfailing protection of our guardian angels. We ask you this, through Christ, our Lord. Amen