# 112- I Am A Child Of The King Of Kings

Pray the Rosary today:  The Sorrowful Mysteries
Friday, February 21, 2014
Our Topic:  Do Not Be Afraid
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Deuteronomy 31:6

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

We are all afraid from time to time and each of us has our own way of dealing with fear. The one sure thing that I can tell you is that fear can keep you from moving ahead.  Yup, fear is  an ugly thing! It  can make us victims when dealing with our life challenges, if we allow it.  We are children of the most high God and we were meant to be victorious.  When I begin to feel fear,  I remind myself that I am a child of the king of kings.  God's love resides within each of us giving us strength, power and the courage to move forward.  God is your pillar of strength and he will not let you fall.  I connect to God through my prayer life.  Great Wisdom is attained through your meditative moments such as in the prayer of the Rosary. When fear rears its ugly head in my life I pray the Rosary.  The Rosary empowers me and places me in a place of peace and clarity. What is prayer?  Your heart's sincere desire. In this case you wish not to be afraid. We seek to be one with God in our prayer life. We want to feel in the safety and protection of our Lord God. We have a strong faith in that what we ask for will come to pass.  You must remember that work on your part is required.  If you are afraid but you are in a state of prayer you must also take the steps towards courage. You need to do your part.  God will be there every step but you need to do the work too.  You must be in partnership with God for that which you ask for. What? You are asking God to help you conquer your fear but what steps are you taking to make this a reality?  Remember the image of God resides within you.  You were meant to be victorious because you are a child of the king of kings. When praying the Rosary,  I mediate on the life of Jesus and then I ask what I desire on each bead.  Yes, every single bead.  So if it is fear that you wish to conquer then thank God on every bead for already receiving your gift.  Develop a victorious attitude bead by bead when praying the Rosary. My Friend, carry your Rosary with you everywhere.  Keep it by your side and hold it in your hand each time fear attempts to enter your body.  Who are you?  A child of the most high God.  Say it to yourself often and see how fast fear dissipates from your life. We are all on this journey and we share similar stories and emotions.  We should allow ourselves to lean upon one another from time to time. After all, we are all children of God.

Smiles And Hugs,
From Your Rosary Maker


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  Blessing-- Almighty God, our creator, we unite with the choir of angels to sing your praises daily. And today, we give you thanks for giving the angels to us, as messengers of your mysteries and as protectors of our bodies and souls. Grant us peace, joy, and thanksgiving, being always mindful of the unfailing protection of our guardian angels. We ask you this, through Christ, our Lord. Amen.