# 114- How To Simplify Your Financial Life

 Pray The Rosary- Today We Meditate Upon: The Joyful Mysteries
Monday,  February 24, 2014
In This Episode we explore :
Our Main Topic:   How To Simplify Your Financial Life In 2014   

1.  Everything Begins with our prayer life.  Include God in your financial life too!

2.  Write Down every single cent that you spend.  Yup! 
3.  We are work in progress even in our financial life.
4.  Review your monthly expenses.  What can you eliminate?
5. Utilize coupons.  Buy what you need -only-. 

6. Review your insurance policies
7. Take Daily Steps to re-organize your financial  life 
8. Write your financial goals down.  Yup!

  Proverbs 6:6-8

Go to the ant, sluggard; consider her ways and be wise; who having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provides her food in the summer and gathers her food in the harvest.

Re-organizing your financial life during tough times can be a challenge.  

We do not offer financial advice and  strongly suggest that you contact a professional to assist you in specifics.
-Write your financial life on paper.  What do you spend and what is your income?.
-Create a budget and stick to it. Create a system that works for you.  Set up envelopes and place part of your income in each one.  By the end of the month, you have the money for  all the bills due.  Create an envelope printed in big bold letters, "Money for grand kids" if this is the case for you. This simple system allow you to manage your money. If you are one to misplace things then this is not the system for you to use. Look on line for different ideas and choose one that you feel will work best for you and stick to it.
-Eliminate services that you really don't need in your household. For example, do you really need all those channels to enjoy your viewing entertainment?  These large companies are more than happy to assist in reducing your bill, after all they want to keep you as a customer who can pay the bill.  Suggestion:  Go through all your bills and call the companies and see how you can reduce your monthly bills.
-Take a trip through your attic and garage.  There is someone's treasure waiting there and cash for you.  Have a garage sale, utilize ebay, amazon or craigs list. If you choose to sell your items through Craigs list or anything like it make sure that you implement safety rules.  Do not allow anyone to come to your home instead meet at a local populated place and use the buddy system.  Craigs list offers suggestions on how to safely complete transactions -read them. Like everything else use your common sense.
-Credit cards have their valuable place in our financial life when used responsibly. The very best thing to do is to pay off your credit cards in full when the bill arrives to avoid interest all together. When you use your credit cards and pay on time and in full it raises your credit score.  If you have a large expense where you will need time to pay it off then pay more than the minimal.  For example, the minimum asked is $25 then double that and still add the interest.  Your invoice will state the interest on the balance-pay it off.  Of course, it is far better to pay as much as you can to reduce the interest.
-Eating out can play havoc on our budget--this one is a challenge for me.  I truly enjoy my coffee on the way or maybe a quick bite here and there. I set money aside and use it as entertainment budget.  If I have plans to the movies or a special event then out goes the coffee or any other outside food purchase.  Friends, the best scenario here would be to just bring your own food and a coffee thermos with you.  Truly a challenge for me but if my budget doesn't allow it then I brown bag it. We all have our challenges and I am still working on that myself.
-Look for coupons everywhere-online, community papers, in-store and use them.  Wow, do they save money.  Go online and find these wonderful coupon experts and implement some of their expertise into your own financial life.  Now, with all that said, I have yet to find myself-like the coupon experts-to leave a supermarket with a cart filled to the brim and just paying $15.  I can tell you that I am thrilled when $10 or 20 comes off my bill!
-By implementing these small incremental changes you can find yourself with extra money in your pocket. 

The one thing that has helped me tremendously is writing down all of my expenses. You will be amazed on how you spend your money.  We are not perfect and we all spend on things that we may not need so don't beat yourself up for it. We are all a work in progress even in our financial life.
May the Grace of God be with you.

Proverbs 21:20  
20 Precious treasure and oil are in a wise man's dwelling, but a foolish man devours it.

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