# 116- Practice Mathew 5:5

Matthew 5:5 

 Blessed are the meek,

  for they will inherit the earth.                                               Today Pray The Rosary:  The Glorious Mysteries

Friends, what does "meek" mean to you?  This is truly a misunderstood word in the bible.  Most people think that a person who is "meek" is  weak and  indecisive. On the contrary, to be meek in this passage is to be a person of great strength.  The "meek" person chooses to handle tough situations with ease and self-control.  Don't ever mistake someone's gentle ways as a sign of weakness.  The "Meek" Person, my friends, win wars.  We all lose our tempers from time to time. What happens when we lose our temper?  We give our power away.  We hand it over on a silver platter.  I know this to be true because I have made this mistake myself. It takes conscious effort to practice, Matthew 5:5 on a daily basis but when mastered the doors of success open one after the other. I had my, "a-ha" moment and finally get it! Matthew 5:5 brings serenity into your life.  Go ahead, practice Matthew 5:5 and experience a shift in how your life begins to unfold. 

Peace to you.  
Your Rosary  maker 


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