# 000- Prayer Request For Financial Help

The following is a prayer request: 
I lost my job in December last year 2013, and got a new job.  I am praying God to make this job a success. This job came the time when I was opening myself a construction company, I still want to pursue my dream of having a company. I did not have capital nor funding for this company which I have started, but got many promises which were still in a pipe line, I am still praying for all this things to happen even though I have got a job now.I am praying for funding for my company, I am praying to win power ball and lotto since I have too much debts which I am unable to pay. I am praying God to forgive me all my sins so He can hear me when I pray and answer to my prayers.
Oh Lord of mercy hear my prayers, and help me with the problem of not having money to pay all my debts. Help me to win power ball and lotto even if I don't deserve because of my sins. I pray you Lord to forgive me and grand me your mercy and give what I am asking for. I am asking this from the bottom of my heart. I want to help my mother, my children and my family at large to have a better life. I am praying for protection for me and my family, wealth for those who are in need just like me, for health and a better life, I am asking for prayers for all the Christians and for all who help others in prayers.

In Jesus name I pray.

         Please Join Me In Prayer                                          Dear Lord   
http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww206/SharBear9356/Animated/animcandles1.gifWe join in prayer for this individual who needs your help.  Shine upon your child a guiding light for the right decisions to be made.  We pray for a brand new start and that the right opportunities be presented.  Please help your child to see the- true net worth-the wealth- that runs through their blood which was  placed by you.   May the angels whisper in your ears  a gentle reminder that all of your sins have been forgiven by the one true king.  We are children of the most high God and we were born to be victorious not victims. Father God, we pray for this soul to find peace, happiness and prosperity in all areas of their life. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayer.  Amen 
We have lit a candle for you.  May God bless you. We will keep you in our prayers.