# 122- Return To God

What's In Your Heart?  I want to change.  I want my life to be different but I feel so far away from God. Have you ever spoken these words? Talk to God and tell him what is in your heart.  Please Press Orange Arrow To Begin Podcast.
During this time of reflection change your life and return to God. This is a time of transformation, renewal and repentance.   Our true wealth is in the love of our God not on those things of the world. Commit to prayer during this season of lent.  God invites you to purify your heart and mind.  God wants you  to bring all of your thoughts and intentions back to him.  "What can you do for God Today? What sacrifice can you offer to God during the season of lent?  A sacrifice that is between you and God and no one else.   

Lord help me change what needs to be changed in my life. 


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