# 145-How To Live A Simpler Life.

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Step 1- Make a commitment to living a simpler life.
Step 2- Meditate during your prayer time and think about what matters to you. What do you value?  Who do you want to be spending your time with? What do you really want to be doing in life? What's important to you? Make this task easy by listing on 2-3 things on your "plan" list. You have begun to simplify your life by listing a few things on your list. 
Step 3- Daily:  Shorten your "to do" list.  Make it a point to list only 2-3 things per event. 
Step 4-  Be mindful of what you do and your surroundings.  Lessen the "stress" load by slowing down your pace.
Step 5- Begin to de-clutter your surroundings. Yup! Spring cleaning begins all year around! Get rid of what you don't need! It is such a liberating feeling when you begin to "let go" of stuff.  Really! Less stuff to worry about my friends and more money in your pocket. Yes!  Remember for every item that you bring into your space then be prepared to relinquish two items in your home. 
Step 6- Time to reflect on you! Spring clean your mind! Eliminate that which does not make you a better human being. Toxic people in your life deplete your energy.  Evaluate your social circle. Who is really a friend and who is not. Evaluate your work life. 
Step 7- Incorporate more of the things that you enjoy doing.  Sometimes our weeks fly by and we don't find ourselves enjoying life. Stop and smell the roses!
May this day offer you just what you need in each unfolding moment.                       
Smiles and Hugs,

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The word rosary comes from Latin and means a garland of roses, the rose being one of the flowers used to symbolize the Virgin Mary.

Anyone can say the rosary, and you don't have to be Catholic.  The Rosary is a form of prayer—it is a meditative prayer



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