# 147- Our Climate Crisis And What We Can Do.

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There are so many of us doing our part to preserve our environment but a larger amount still leave the work to the rest of us. The Choices that we make in order to preserve our world and existence is up to us.  God gave us this amazing "space" to occupy and are we just throwing it away? Well, I want to do more of my part and I pray that you join me in taking it to another level to help save our environment/planet by empowering ourselves with knowledge. In our world, we are living longer but what about our earth?  We live longer but where are we going to live if we continue to destroy our world? We will surely perish as a result of the not-so-great seeds that we have sowed into our planet. I always share with you the following thought: all is done in small "baby" steps--small increments.  We have slowly through the decades hurt our environment. There has been lots of talk in our  newspaper publications-throughout the world- regarding our climate changes. This is serious stuff friends! Okay, so we hear the disaster that awaits us if we continue on this destructive path but what about talk on what we can do now! The impact of global warming is one of great concern affecting obviously -all-of-us! The fact that the damage is irreversible should prompt you into action at this very moment. Observe our weather around the world: Even here in New York we have experienced weather not characteristic of this time of year. The extreme weather changes around the world is evidence that our climate is changing dramatically.  As a Result, we will experience more floods, droughts, and other weather challenges.  This will affect our food, water supply and our very existence.  We can still do something and it all happens one person, one family, and one community at a time. Let's learn from one another on how to take care of our world in order to secure the future of those we leave behind. The warming of the Arctic can possibly be the very worst of catastrophes in our world's existence. This is impacting all of us!   The extreme weather changes are already causing tremendous problems for our farmers. This affects the food produced throughout the world.  The price of food rises as a result and more people will go hungry. Our food supply-our security is at risk.

What can we do to save our planet?  We can save our planet in baby steps. 
 1. Recycle glass: reduces air and water pollution. It can take a million years to decompose. 
2.  Consider a vegetarian life. Did you know that it takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef! yes!  
3.  Wash in Cold or Warm Water. 
4.  Take Showers instead of baths! Yes, you use more water in baths than in showers. 
5.  Plant A tree! This is great for the air!
6.  Batch Errands.  Save Gasoline!
7.  Recycle old cell phones or donate:  http://hopephones.org
8.  Maintain your car: First of all your car will continue to take you everywhere for a longer time. Clean Air Filters, clear out your car-the trunk "stuff" could weigh your car down costing you more at the pump. Okay?
9.  Get rid of unwanted wire hangers by recycling.
10.Get rid of your junk mail! Save trees and go digital for your bills and statements. 
11. Go to the car wash.  You use less water than if you wash it yourself.  
12. Use rechargeable Batteries
13. Share -share -and share all the information that helps save our planet. 

May this day offer you just what you need in each unfolding moment.                       
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