# 162- Happy Easter 2014 To My Cieloscent Family.

Why do you think that we -also- associate Easter with the "Easter Bunny? BE-cause rabbits and eggs represent fertility and rebirth.  The bunny represents fertility and the eggs represent the resurrection.  

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Our children look forward to egg hunting and the surprises awaiting them in the morning.  My mom used to leave a big basket filled with my favorite things by the bedside. Of course, it wasn't mommy who left the basket of goodies but rather the "Easter" bunny. 

I was talking to my neighbor/friend who was sharing with me the Easter Tradition in Portugal. It sounds to me that old traditions and rituals remain alive.  As a matter of fact, Anna told me that they bring the Portuguese Easter tradition to each of their homes. The family members actually visit each home until they reach their final home to celebrate Easter. In Portugal the priest goes to each home within the village to give his blessing to the family and house. In the Portuguese culture the priest is welcomed with food at the dining table most especially with the "Folar" (a typical bread during Easter) and 
wine/ liquor. Our Easter Traditions throughout the world may differ but we all share the same love in celebrating Easter as a day to commemorate/remember Christ's resurrection.  Anna, thank you for sharing your family's Easter Tradition with me. To my Cieloscent Rosary Family, I wish you a most blessed Easter day.

Have a beautiful Easter Day! 
xoxoxo your rosary maker

This Easter Sunday:
-Be at Peace.

Happy Easter to you, my friends
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