# 169- The First Steps In Starting Over

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1.  Pray- Reconnect with God if you have been far away.  God has been waiting for you because whatever you have been going through he has been there. 
2. Keep it simple: Begin to unclutter your space/environment. Get rid of what you don't need most especially reminders of a painful past.
3. Write down your plan on paper/ step by step-  Setting goals and creating an action plan is vital in your growth.  It will determine your destination and how you plan on getting there.
4. Simplify your financial life-If you are carrying debt from your past then you will need to get rid of that as soon as possible.  Start by eliminating the smaller debts and try to pay as much as you can. The other larger debts pay the minimum for the time being.  Work your way up from smaller debt to larger. Getting rid of debt is liberating and you want to stay in that simple state by cutting up your credit cards.  Keep one that you will use when needed for travel or securing car rentals etc.
5. Take inventory of your social circle-  "Birds of a feather flock together" " Clean your social circle.  The people that you associate should represent your new life.  You are who you associate with and this is something that you should never forget.
6. Learn a new skill-This is most important when starting over because you bring,something "new" into your life. You begin to carve out a new you by the new and interesting things that you invite into your life.  Perhaps returning to school, or  a hobby.  New adventures await you so get out of your comfort zone and live your brand new life with gusto!

Thank you for joining me today.  I pray that this message was a blessing to you .  As always, please don't hesitate in contacting us via email for any comments, questions or prayer requests.

May this day offer you just what you need in each unfolding moment.                       
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