# 172- How To Prevent High Cholesterol

We all need Cholesterol! It's an important part of your cell membrane.  Our bodies need cholesterol to function properly and to  keep us healthy.  Yes, healthy! Cholesterol comes from two sources: your body and food. Yup! One of its major responsibilities is making hormones (a chemical messenger)  most especially vitamin D- Your body must have cholesterol to also make substances that will help you digest foods because it creates bile salts. . This waxy, fat-like substance produced by the liver is necessary to also make vitamin D.  Did you know that your liver produces at least 1,000 milligrams of cholesterol?  This means we need to be careful what we add to this number by the foods consumed throughout the day.

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 There  are two types of cholesterol found in your blood system:  You know them as good or bad cholesterol.  Cholesterol likes company when traveling in the blood stream so it attaches itself to specific proteins.  These proteins get to work like a messenger service gathering the cholesterol and delivering it to different parts of the body.
This union forms what are called: lipoprotein.
We are concerned with: High Density and low density lipoproteins but you may have heard your doctor refer to these  as: HDL and LDL.  One of these has a GOOD effect on the body and the other one  BAD.
HDL=GOOD: a traveling Lipoprotein that has the job of picking up cholesterol from your arteries and delivering it to your liver. Once in the liver the cholesterol it will either be re- processed or excreted.
LDL=BAD: This lipoprotein stops your blood traffic from flowing freely.  It clogs your arteries so all blood traffic stops! When too much LDL circulate through your blood it slowly build up in the inner walls of the arteries that  feed your brain and heart. Remember cholesterol can't dissolve in the bloodi

What are triglycerides?  A form of fat made in the body.When your triglycerides are high that can be due to obesity, lack of exercise,  smoking, alcohol consumption, and a diet in high carbohydrates. So if you have high triglycerides you most likely have a high total cholesterol level.

-Lipoprotein(a) or apo(a):  a new blood component that most of us are still not familiar with. From my understanding, it seems to be a marker of increased cardiac or stroke risk. So a high Lp(a) may indicate a risk of cardiac or stroke risk. Doctors will place in many cases their patients with a high Lp(a) on a low dose aspirin regiment unless there are contraindications.

Let's begin with foods that feed and keep our body healthy especially our keeping cholesterol in check.
Here is a great soup recipe to help you lower your high blood cholesterol and to keep you healthy.
VEGETARIAN:Bean and Vegetable Soup
What do you need?
- A Pressure cooker.-fill pressure cooker with water
-Small red beans-wash  well. You can purchase in bulk from your local wholefoods..
-10 cloves of garlic-Yes! Place in the pressure cooker with the beans and water.
-Allow to cook for at least an hour. One half hour and then the second half hour add veggies and one or two cups of water.
In the mean time:
-Prepare your vegetables
-( 2) Beets-Clean and peel outside.  Cut your beets in quarters. 
        Beets loaded with super nutrition. Cleans the liver and loaded with Iron.
-(4)  Carrots: Dice . Loaded with Vitamin A
-(1) bunch of Celery- Excellent for high blood pressure too! Dice
-(1) small bunch Cilantro
-(1) bunch of Leeks 
This soup is loaded with fiber! Fiber is very important to lower the "bad" cholesterol.

Tips on lowering cholesterol:  
1.  Exercise -increases HDL in your blood.
2.  Pay attention to the foods you eat.  Reduce sugar, potatoes,pasta,  grain, breads and foods that
     increase your blood sugar.  
3.  Try to add more raw foods into your diet. 
4.  Whole Red yeast rice: This is a whole food. The co-enzyme Q10 must be accompanied!
5.  Eat Walnuts! Raw!Powerful Essential Fatty Acids- They have vitamin E too!
     Eat your almonds too!
6.  Steel-cut Oatmeal in the morning is terrific! Oat bran! Both reduce your LDL.
7.   Kidney beans, apples, pears, barley and prunes all have soluble fiber. Remember that soluble
     fiber  absorption of cholesterol into your blood system. 
8.  Omega 3-fatty acids a must! Eat Salmon and other heart healthy fish.
     Reduces blood pressure and prevents you from developing blood clots.
    Eat Salmon, Albacore Tuna, Sardines,  Mackerel and Halibut-all good!   .
9.  Eat an avocado and olives too! Legumes as mentioned high in soluble fiber.
10. Consume  Bright colored fruits and veggies because they have  higher Antioxidants.
11. Use spices. A small amount daily is truly beneficial -ginger, tumeric, garlic, cloves and cinnamon.
12. Saturated fat is bad. Don't use butter. High fiber diet is the way to go.
13.  Extra virgin olive oil
14/  Eat lots of colorful salads
15. Reduce Stress-meditate.
16/ Drink Green tea.
17. Avoid meat if at all possible.
18. Choose smart fats.
19. Consider Niacin supplement.
20. Plant Sterols reduce total cholesterol and increase HDL.Plant based foods will reduce your bad
Increase your HDL within 6 months prior to your next doctor's appointment by following a diet change and adding exercise.
Incorporate juicing carrots, ginger,celery and add water to dilute a bit so its not so harsh to your body. 
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