CR 175 : Recreate Your Financial Life.

When you think of a budget you think about restrictions.  You actually hear the word NO in the back of your mind. So who is the boss? You or your money? Do you know how you spend your money on a daily basis?  Do you use cash or do you depend on your credit card ?  Even the word, BUDGET  makes us feel like we are in some sort of trouble when told to develop one. When we begin to start a budget we realize that we may be living way beyond our income. Okay, it's pen to paper time, Let's tell our money what we want it to do:

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1.  You need to begin to write down what you spend. Very Important.
2.   Set up an emergency fund -
      You should have three-to six months but in the beginning strive to save
      $ 1000 for those little emergencies.
3.   If you have a family-gather them and create a budget together.
4.   Re-gaining control of your budget may mean cutting out some things like cable.
5.   Every Dollar from this moment has a name and category.
6.   An envelope for all of your receipts-the family folder in the kitchen.
7.   Important Categories:
      a.  Your rent /mortgage
      b.  Food 
      c.  Utilities
      d.  Transportation
      e.  Emergency Fund
8.   What do you need to cut out of your daily life? 
9.   What can you add to actually put more money in your pocket? Simplify and make money.
10.  In the gardening season grow your own vegetables.
11.  Plan Your Meals-Most of our money is spent in food and kitchen.

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