CR 195 : How To Ease The Pain Of Arthritis

1.  You have to move your body!  If your pain is great then consider using the pool. There are lots of programs available that cater to those suffering from arthritis. Try stretching,  yoga or maybe Tai chi. 

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2.  Drink your water!  I include alkaline water throughout my day. Inflammation is attracted to an acidic environment. Green Juices is great to combat inflammation.

3.  Eliminate meat! Yup! Meat contains Arachidonic acid and this contributes to inflammation. Avoid nightshade veggies such as eggplant and tomatoes.  Avoid eggs too.

4.  Eat more salads. Add avocado which is a great oil and natural lubricant for your joints. 

5.  Relieve any stress! I realize that it is impossible to remove all stress. Slow your life pace down by incorporating habits that bring peace and joy to you. Add supplements like MSM, Tumeric Capsules, ginger tea, and hyaluronic acid
6.  Lose weight!  Soooooo hard to do the older you get.  Yup! but step by step and inch by inch you can lose weight.  Excercise and a diet change will make great tranformation in your body. Just remember that you need to be patient-it takes time to heal and repair your body. 

7. What can I eat?  Mostly fruits and vegetables but ease into it. I like fruits that have lots of water such as watermelon.  Our body needs the water.  Water flushes out the toxins out of the body.  You can eat fish too. These foods alkalinize the body which keeps us healthy.

8.  Get a good night sleep!  Don't go to bed late because it is during your sleep that your body repairs itself. Try drinking a nice cup of warm tea or making a glass of celery juice.  Place one drop of  lavender oil under your pillow.

9. Add spices and herbs:  Tumeric, curcumin, and ginger.  
    Use himalayan salt-it's great for your blood!  
    Make your own Ginger tea.

10. Add Oils such as coconut, olive, avocado, and grapeseed oil. 

11. Use lemon in warm water each morning.Eliminate coffee! Such a challenge for me! I have eliminated in my home but when I visit with friends I fall. So it is up to me and up to you to make these changes that will ultimately change our lives.   Our health is in our hands and it takes time to heal our bodies.

12. Dry brush your skin to help move the toxins out of your body. 

13. Go out in the sun! The sun is soooo healing. Don't be afraid of the sun!

14. Take a probiotic to introduce healthy bacteria.

Let's tell the truth, we need to really commit to living a different lifestyle on all levels if we intend to improve our health. Calorie restriction is an interesting topic.  Studies find that those individuals that restrict their daily calories live longer.
The grace of Jesus Christ be with you.  May This Day Offer You Just What You Need In Each Unfolding Moment.

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