CR 208 :No Experience Means No Job For Our College Graduates?

Summary of podcast. Please press orange button to hear complete message. You work so hard and many exams later you find yourself out in the world looking for a job.  One interview after another. The same words echo in your head: "Sorry, you have no experience". What?! All this money towards my education and I  can't find a job! Please understand that a college education does not guarantee you a job.  It merely gets your foot in the door!  It certainly isn't the fault -completely-of our young college grads in not obtaining a job.  Okay, let's explore what is going on here and the steps that you can take to land a great job! . Okay, here goes:
1.  Yes, our economy fluctuates which makes it even harder to find a job but not impossible with the right strategy and attitude.
2.  Before you even step foot out the door to your interview research the company! Yes! Going the extra mile shows initiative. Signs of a good leader! What does the company do? Is it a hospital? Is it a school? Get a history and some of their successes and challenges.  Show that you have a complete understanding of the company.
3.  Sound excited about your career choice! Be enthusiastic but don't go overboard.  You don't want to appear desperate either.
4.  One of the complaints that companies express is the lack of communication displayed in our new graduates.  Practice your communication skills in front of a mirror or family member.Make sure that your communication skills are up to par.  This will help you stand out from the crowd.
5.  Make sure that you don't have any negative information  floating about you in any of the social media groups such as face book Be careful even if you utilize the privacy settings because someone from your social circle can still copy and paste your posts or pictures.
6.  Take a look at your resume and include references. Include all volunteer work and internships.!
7.  It's never too late to do internship EVEN after graduating. Companies love to see internships.
8. Network with your family, friends, or anyone and tell them that you are looking for a job.

Employers :  You need to invest in our college grads. Invest in our young people! Allow them the opportunity to shine within your company. After all, everyone has to start somewhere, remember?
Here is a website that you may want to consider in your search for the right job:     
Good Luck! 

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