CR 213: Reconnect To Life!

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Disconnect from your digital life and reconnect to life. Engage in device-free events!  There is no doubt that we are bombarded by excessive mental stimulation most especially by our digital life. Most people experience difficulty in paying attention to tasks.  In fact, one of the signs of digital overload is an avoidance to mental effort type tasks.  Our attention span and our ability to listen has been affected by all the digital noise within our mental space. 
Here's a scary thought for you to ponder over:
Your digital devices are chemically addictive. What does that mean? Each time we check our emails, texts, twitter and engage in social media like facebook we trigger the release of Dopamine.  What is Dopamine? A "feel good" 
neurotransmitter which also plays a super big role in addiction.  Is it possible that you are addicted to your digital life? Can you disconnect and reconnect in device free activities? It may be too much to ask you to disconnect for a week so let's start small. 

How do we disconnect from our digital life and reconnect to life?

1.  Make a commitment and honor yourself by sticking to it. Make a plan.
2.  You can choose an entire day which means no twitter, facebook or other 
     social media, GPS, or any electronic device. Phones too! You can set up
     auto responder for emails. Set up vacation mode message on your phone
     too. Completely unplug.
3.  If an entire day is still too much of a detox then try to disconnect 12 noon. 
    Unplug from all digital devices and begin by enjoying lunch with a friend.
4. Plan your day without your computer if you rely on it for business you may
    need to disconnect on your day off. If you do need computer for work then 
    be purposeful and don't allow yourself to browse.  Limit your use on the 
    computer and use it strictly for work. 
An entire day without the digital stimulation will do you a world of good.  You 
will actually relax your mental space. How will you fill your digital free time?

-  Take moments of reflection: Meditate, Journal, read, take walks, spend time with the family, enjoy romantic moments with your special someone. 
-   Spend time enjoying cooking and whip up a great special meal and surprise the family. 
-   Go to the park, beach, or even take a nap!
-   learn a new skill: musical instrument, language, hobby, or sport. 
-   Go to the gym 
-   spend time with friends
-     Be creative and reclaim your life by disconnecting from your digital life.
We live in a world where there is a constant distraction which has caused us to mimic symptoms generally connected to those individuals suffering from ADHD. We have become people who have the inability to think deeply.  We just skim through thoughts because of all the mental digital noise. This "disconnect" is almost like dealing with an addiction. If you need to fight the urge to check your phone, emails, facebook  etc then this may be an addictioni. The relaxation of your mental space will reward you on all levels! Unplug from your digital life- .  Invite Simple Living by disconnecting and reconnecting to life. 

May this day offer you just what you need in each unfolding moment.                       
Smiles and Hugs, 

Your Rosary Maker   

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