CR 225 : Women And Divorce

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In the United States, we have more divorced women who are living in poverty than any other country.
Divorce can lead a woman down the path of poverty quicker than any other life circumstance.
Sadly, most states don't allow the "already" struggling divorced, single or widowed mother to open a business such as -for example- a beauty salon in her own home.  Cutting hair, doing nails or spa treatments would allow the mother to care for her children and to create an income. The older divorced woman is also vulnerable to living a life of poverty if she traded a "career" to raise the children. There is no homemaker's credit towards social security benefits for being a stay at home mom.
How can a woman protect herself from poverty? 
1.  Remain in the job market on a part time basis after starting a family  It is imperative that you keep one foot in the business world. When the time comes to return to the work force full time you will find it an easy transition.
2.  Take some classes that will lead you towards a career if you don't have any skills. 
3.  Make sure that you own a home.  Even during divorce, you can fight to keep your home most especially when you have children.
4.  Older women are encouraged to purchase their home. It is an extremely valuable asset most especially as you continue to age.
5.  If you are married know your assets.  Understand the family finances and plan for the future.

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