CR 237 : Mature Skincare For Men

As a Skincare Therapist, I've discovered the power that conscious and constant habits have on well-being and beauty. All habits have a cumulative effect; like yoga and meditation, the use of supplements and foods high in antioxidants, and a positive state of mind build over time a strong foundation for individual wellness. As one matures, one will find the true and exponential impact of conscious and constant habits on the human body. water! Yes!  Your remove the waste in your body and you stay hydrated.  Nourishing your body from within is key to having healthy skin. Make wise life style choices. Eliminate sugar, coffee, and alcohol. Exercise gets your blood circulating supplying oxygen to all of your tissue cells. Consider adding supplements such as a multivitamin, Resveratrol, and omega 3.  Always check with your medical  doctor before changing or adding anything to your health care regiment. Lessen the stress! Yes, stress shows on your face! Consider a massage or visit a skincare therapist because both are relaxing.  Reconnect with nature by spending time out doors.  Take a hike, walk or go for a  bike ride  because you RE-rejuvenate your  spirit and your body just loves the movement. Wear your sun screen! Wear your sunglasses!  Men like a simple skincare routine. If the skincare regiment is simple then you will stick to it. Simple as that!   Men experience a thinning of their skin but  have a thicker skin so are able to keep the collagen and elastin levels up  . Men have larger pores and produce more oil than women so acne may be an issue. Men experience wrinkles around their eyes first  because men don't usually care for their skin other than shaving. The shaving area  being exfoliated so keeps skin looking youthful.  Do you need your own skin line? No. not really.  The only difference is generally men either have no scent or a more masculine scent which is generally over scented and unpleasant.
Okay, let's talk skincare: Basic Care
You need a facial cleanser designed for your skin type. Splash warm water on your face first. Apply Your Cleanser in a circular manner. You need to clean your face.
Tone : To close the pores. Maintains your natural's skin pH.
Moisturize:  . According to your skin type. 
Use Sunscreen-and Use Vitamin C Serums (antioxidants)   Vitamin C Serums:  stimulate your collagen production. It will brighten your skin too!
HORMONES  The hair follicles in the nose and ears are truly sensitive to male hormones like testosterone which means more hair.  It's totally normal and nothing that can't be handled by your barber. We have so much to talk about but this is the basic skin care regiment that you do each day. Daily deposits into your skincare will keep it healthy and vibrant.The most important thing that you can do is your own research!  You are your best advocate.  My intention is to ignite you to do your own research based on what you read/hear on this blog or any other venue. Education and research is key to healthy mind, body and skin! There is no "fountain of youth" but we can slow down the aging process by implementing a holistic approach to our skincare habits. 
 Thank you so much for joining me today.  Feel free to email me your comments and prayer requests.  

Many Blessings. 
Your Rosary Maker