CR 269 : Labor Day 2014 Prayer

On this weekend, when we rest from our usual labors, loving Father, we pray for all who shoulder the tasks of human labor—in the marketplace, in factories and offices, in the professions, and in family living. We thank you, Lord, for the gift and opportunity of work; may our efforts always be pure of heart, for the good of others and the glory of your name. We lift up to you all who long for just employment and those who work to defend the rights and needs of workers everywhere. May those of us who are now retired always remember that we still make a valuable contribution to our Church and our world by our prayers and deeds of charity. May our working and our resting all give praise to you until the day we share together in eternal rest with all our departed in your Kingdom. We ask all of this in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.
Pray the Rosary every day.  

CR 267 : A Prayer For My Sister

Our Father in heaven, I turn to you seeking your divine help for my sister.  If this job she is applying for is within your plan for her then please let it be if not bring another job prospect within her view. Dear God, please help my sister to use the gifts and talents that you have given her in finding the right job opportunity.  Dear God, please grant me this favor for my sister and I will thank you for always clearing the way for my sister and myself in all areas of our lives.  Grant this through Christ, our Lord. Amen  With love, her sister. Anna

CR 266 : Back To School Memories For Your Child.

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CR 261 : Happy Birthday Daddy!

Although you are in heaven daddy you are always in our thoughts and we sing you Happy Birthday every year because your life mattered when on earth.  You were important to us- your family and friends. Happy Birthday Daddy and know that you are never forgotten!  

We Love You!

I ask that you join me in prayer for my dad who is now in heaven but never forgotten. Thank you for praying for my dad. 

With Love and in gratitude,
The Rosary maker

CR 260 : A Prayer For Luis, Luis was unable to survive the damages of the stroke and has gone home to be with the Lord.  I ask you once again to join me in prayer for his family who must deal with the sudden death of a husband and father.  Our prayers are with Luis's family.

A Prayer For Luis
Saints of God, come to his aid!
Come to meet Luis, angels of the Lord!
Receive his soul and present him to God the Most High.
May Christ, Who called you, take you to Himself;
may the angels lead you.
Receive his soul and present Luis to God the Most High.
Give him eternal rest, O Lord,
and may Your light shine upon him forever.
Let us pray: We commend our brother, Luis to you, Lord.
Now that he has passed from this life,
may he live on in Your presence.
In Your mercy and love, forgive whatever sins he
may have committed through human weakness.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

CR 259 : You Are Not An Option!

CR 258 : Be The Change!“If kids grow kale, kids eat kale. If they grow tomatoes, they eat tomatoes. But when none of this is presented to them, if they’re not shown how food affects the mind and the body, they blindly eat whatever you put in front of them.” 
Ron Finley 
Guerilla Gardening

Smiles & Hugs
Your Rosary maker

CR 257 : An Urgent Prayer Request For Luis prayer for Luis.  Luis was vacationing with his family when he suffered a stroke.  He is in critical condition.  As we know, there is great power in prayer.  Please join me in prayer for Luis and his family in their time of need. Luis, our prayers are with you. May God bless and accompany you now and always. We light this candle for you Luis. Amen.

CR 256 : Holy Mass on the Solemnity of the Assumption 2014.08.15

CR 253 : Concealing The Pain Inside-
"We need to learn from this..." as told by Dr. Drew Pinsky on CNN this evening. As many of you know by now that Robin Williams has passed away as a result of a disease -depression.  Clearly he left us at a very young age with so much life left.  Robin Williams -as explained by the media-has been battling depression and in July 2014 checked himself into rehab perhaps more so for the depression.. He had the ability to give so much joy to others and yet stuck in a state of depression in his private life.  Depression like Robin Williams was battling should have been considered a medical emergency as described by the celebrity Dr. Drew Pinsky.  This evening we morn for a man who to most of us around the world recognize as a friend.  Rest in peace and rise in glory to our friend Robin Williams.  Let us remember Robin Williams for the joy that he brought to us through his incredible career.
Our prayers are with his family.  Amen.
If you are battling severe depression please don't handle this disease alone. You can't do it alone-please reach out for help. God Bless You. 
NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness 

You may also call our Information Helpline:
        1 (800) 950-NAMI (6264) 


CR 252 : Acres Of Diamonds

Concentrate on being the best you.  Stop looking at what another is doing.  God gave you your very own special gifts.So what do you want?  Yes! What do you want to do with this remarkable life that God has given to you?  Russell Conwell's Story-Acres of diamonds teaches us not to look elsewhere but rather look within your surroundings for your diamonds.  You have to do the work-success doesn't  happen overnight.  We can do so many things  through the power of Jesus Christ.  Begin with your prayer life and set goals-BIG dreams are okay.  Now get to work in small little baby steps because everything that you do to achieve that goal is cumulative.  Listen to  message today by pressing orange button above. Perhaps the words that you hear will empower you into action today. God Bless you and may all of your steps lead you to your highest human potential.  

Smiles and hugs,
The Rosary maker

CR 251 : A Prayer For J Join Me in prayer for J who is at this time dealing with difficult situation. Let us pray that she find the solution that will restore peace of mind.  J- we light this candle of prayer for you.  God Bless You.

CR 249 : Health & Beauty Conversation

First things first, your waxing spa should look clean as soon as you step foot in the door. Cleanliness is  number one.  If it doesn’t look clean, leave as fast as you can. You don’t want to regret stepping foot in and leaving with a nasty infection due to unsanitary practices.Visit the waxing spa first and then make your appointment after your inspection.  The number one sign of a great skincare therapist is the consultation.  You should be handed a consultation form because this will document any medications, health conditions such as Aids, lupus, rosacea, diabetes, allergies, or any cosmetic procedures that may be a contraindication to waxing. Of course, if you are under a doctor’s care you must check with he/she before changing your health care regiment. You will want to consult with your physician if you are taking any blood thinners such as medication for high blood pressure or platelets before waxing.  Always partner with your physician if you have any medical concerns or questions.Remember to use your gut instinct and don’t get lazy in the rush to get your face waxed.

1. There should be a beauty specialist license displayed at the entrance of spa or within your view at operator’s station. Make sure that your operator’s credentials are posted and don’t be shy to ask.  The spa must be clean, sufficient lighting at work area, tables should be sanitized after each use. Waxing applicators can only be used once on a client and must be discarded.  Never allow an operator to continue work if you have observed “double dipping” meaning using the same applicator twice. By the way, many women right here in our upscale salons are leaving after brazillian waxes with a nasty viral skin infection  -molluscum contagiosum raised pearl-like papules or nodules -as a result of double dipping.
3.  Before an operator place his/her hands on your face for the waxing make sure that they have washed their hands EVEN if they wear gloves.
4.  What type of wax?  You don’t want any tearing of your skin.  There is hard wax for bikini and underarms which is much more gentle and will adhere to the hair opposed to your skin. Soft wax is used large areas.
Thank you joining me and please feel free to leave your comments or questions  via email.

May God Bless You
Your Rosarymaker

CR 247 : Is Common Courtesy A Rare Thing Now?


CR 246: Prayers Of Forgiveness and Peace.

In Memory of Lando

Lord Jesus, our Redeemer, You willingly gave Yourself up to death so that all people might be saved and pass from death into a new life. Listen to our prayers; look with love on Your people who mourn and pray for their dead brother.
Lord Jesus, You alone are holy and compassionate; forgive our brother his sins.
By dying You opened the gates of life for those who believe in You; do not let Your brother be parted from You, but by Your glorious power give him light, joy, and peace in heaven where You live for ever and ever. Amen. brother in faith, I entrust you to God Who created you. May you return to the One Who formed you from the dust of this earth. May Mary, the angels, and all the saints come to meet you as you go forth from this life.
May Christ Who was crucified for you bring you freedom and peace. May Christ, the Son of God, Who died for you take you into His kingdom. May Christ, the Good Shepherd, give you a place within His flock.
May He forgive your sins and keep you among His people.May you see your Redeemer face to face and enjoy the sight of God forever. Amen.