CR 252 : Acres Of Diamonds

Concentrate on being the best you.  Stop looking at what another is doing.  God gave you your very own special gifts.So what do you want?  Yes! What do you want to do with this remarkable life that God has given to you?  Russell Conwell's Story-Acres of diamonds teaches us not to look elsewhere but rather look within your surroundings for your diamonds.  You have to do the work-success doesn't  happen overnight.  We can do so many things  through the power of Jesus Christ.  Begin with your prayer life and set goals-BIG dreams are okay.  Now get to work in small little baby steps because everything that you do to achieve that goal is cumulative.  Listen to  message today by pressing orange button above. Perhaps the words that you hear will empower you into action today. God Bless you and may all of your steps lead you to your highest human potential.  

Smiles and hugs,
The Rosary maker