CR 282 : Skincare Talk Today

Hi Everyone!  Okay, let’s talk feet! Feet  Do you forget about your feet?  How do your feet feel?  I really love pampering my feet and your significant other will love your feet too! Your feet work very hard for you.  They take you from place to place and support you. Don’t you think that your “tootsies” deserve their very own skincare regimen? Yup! They sure do deserve pampering.  Let’s make our feet happy by incorporating the following routine everyday:

1.  Wash Your Feet!  Soak in Foot bath about 10 minutes. . Epsom Salts or your favorite salts to water. You can also add your favorite essential oil.   Refresh your feet especially in the summer months. Dry in between your toes!
2.  Exfoliate-or Pedi Sonic by Clarisonic.  Yes, it does exfoliate but add it to other exfoliating  regiment.Stay away from razor blades.  Foot Scrub, Remove Dead skin:  Pumice stone,  callus eliminator (gel) ,or  foot file.  products will penetrate and moisturize far better if you exfoliate.
3.  Apply A Foot Mask:

You can make your very own. Let me show you how:
Avocado (1) I love Avocado! Loaded with vitamins!
1 TBSP of  Organic Yogurt
Manuka Honey: 1 Teaspoon
1  Teaspoon of Rose water
1 Teaspoon of Glycerin
Mix Together and place on your feet.  Place Your feet in a PVC-FREE plastic wrap and then place a towel or oversize sock and just relax.  You may want to lift your legs up for circulation or maybe just take time to read a bit. Twenty minutes is all you need!  Fabulous, sexy and super soft skin on your feet my darlings!  oh, how yummy for the person who snuggles next to your feet! Use it on your hands too!  If you prefer you can use a paraffin wax machine for your tootsies.

4.  Apply a moisturizer.  Organic Pure Shea butter is nice and will nourish your skin. Massage your feet, toes, heel, and ankles.
5.  Keep Your feet warm in the winter.  Why?  because you have nerves on the bottom of your feet (soles) and they connect with your CNS (central nervous system)  so when you sleep so does your CNS.  If your feet are cold you may drift off but your CNS says, “wake up, dude my feet are cold!”   Yes, socks to bed, my dear! It will help you sleep better.  Who knew?

There you have it a little bit about how to have beautiful tootsies.   Your feet are important too so don’t neglect them. Thanks for sharing this time with me.

Smiles & Hugs
The Rosary maker