CR 293 : EBOLA Virus and what you need to know.

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By now, you have heard that the Ebola virus case has presented itself here in the United States (Dallas, Texas) .  Ebola is a deadly and severe disease.  There is a high percentage of  death in many cases. However, we do have medical interventions that can stop this virus.  In the United States the CDC and all associated in preparing for possible outbreak have set plans in place way before this first case in Dallas, Texas.  The United States has taken a proactive stance and is prepared to handle the EBOLA virus.  

How did this virus (EBOLA) enter the United States?
A man from Liberia visiting his family here in the United States entered with the Ebola Virus without symptoms.  He left Liberia on September 19, 2014 and arrived  in the United States on September 20, 2014. 
-On September 24, 2014- presented symptoms -             Wednesday
-September 26, 20145 he sought medical assistance       Friday -
-September 28, 2014    admitted to a Dallas, Texas Hospital within isolation. The patient is sadly -at this time- listed as critical.                                    Tuesday
- The Lab work is HIGHLY accurate and when tested results: positive for Ebola
According to the CDC: It's not clear as to how this individual contracted Ebola whether as a civilian or health worker but it is clear that he was exposed to someone sick with the virus or had died with EBOLA.  This is the only case of EBOLA at this time.   
EBOLA is a virus and is infectious ONLY when the person is actually sick.  Persons that have recovered from the EBOLA virus are absolutely no longer infectious. 

What's Next: 

1.  You can "catch" the Ebola Virus ONLY through direct contact with someone ALREADY infected (sick) and it spreads through direct contact (bodily fluids).  Once exposed to the Ebola virus it may take anywhere from 8-10 days or EVEN up to 21 days for the virus to manifest itself in symptoms. In other words, you won't know you have it until you feel sick.  You cannot catch this virus through the air we breathe.    
2. Immediate Care for the patient for recovery and to contain the virus to avoid spreading.
    All people that have had ANY exposure with patient when sick-
    The individuals that have been exposed to patient when symptomatic will be under medical observation (monitored) for 21  days.  The CDC (Center For Disease Control)  watching out for any symptoms such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms associated with this virus and are placed in isolation for treatment and continued observation.  This is done not only to begin treatment at the onset of this virus but to contain this virus from spreading.   
What prevention methods are there in place from those traveling into the United States from countries currently affected by the Ebola Virus?   
The  CDC has an agreement for "check points" to be in place  at the airports of countries affected by the Ebola Virus. Each individual traveling is checked for any fever or other symptoms before boarding the plane.  By the way, at this point anyone who was traveling with this individual has ZERO risk of becoming affected with the EBOLA virus. This individual was checked for fever prior to boarding flight and posed no threat. 
We have "strong infectious control" as per CDC that stops the EBOLA virus and a strong network in place for tracing and stopping infectious diseases. 
Education is our first defense against any potential harm. 

Thank you for joining me in today's conversation in our life workshop here at Cieloscent Rosary. 

Please join me in prayer for this patient and his family. 

Prayer for the Sick
Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight, and give your angels charge over those who sleep.

Tend your sick ones, O Lord Christ.
Rest your weary ones.
Bless your dying ones.
Soothe your suffering ones.
Pity your afflicted ones.
Shield your joyous ones.
And for all your love's sake. 

 Saint Augustine   
We pray for this man and his family in this most difficult time.  We also pray for the  people in West Africa and may a healing come upon  them.  Amen.