CR 349 : How To "Do Over" Your Life 2015--Part 2

PART 2-Listen to today's message. 
2.  What is your "now" situation?
a.  Do you need to move? Do you want to relocate to another state or country?
b.  Do you need a new job?  Do you need to return to school?
c.  How's the money situation? Do you need to repair your financial condition?
d.  Do you need to distance yourself  from (toxic people) certain members within your social circle?
e.  What do you want?  Focus on what you want NOT what you don't want.
     Simple formula but so hard for many. Train your mind to focus on what you want!
PEN TO PAPER TIME.   This step requires you to get into "pen to paper" mode.
Don't type your plan-write it out.  
Create a page for each area of your life:
a.  Personal Improvements
b.  Career
c.  Financial
d.  Goals and dreams
e.  Purchases

Write on each paper your life story as if it is already happening ( the way you see it) then list the action steps that it will take to make it happen.

Thank you for joining me today.  Pray The Rosary Everyday. 

Smiles & Hugs
Your Rosary maker