CR 354 : Transform And Recharge Your Life In 2015-Part 4

Part 4 in our conversation: Grant Yourself A "Do Over" In 2015
TOOLS to help keep you motivated. 
a.  Begin a vision board. What's a vision board? It is an ACTION board and keeps you in focus on a daily basis.  Keeping your eye on the prize! A vision board is your life story even though you are still in the building phase. Seeing it in your mind's eye first is crucial and the action  propels your dream into reality.  It sets the tone of your day-the frequency of determination that "I can do this" no matter what! Keep the vision board in your room so you can see it upon waking up, walking in and out, and as you retire for the evening.  Constantly viewing it and reaffirming your plans to create your new life story. Be realistic in the pictures that you place on your vision board.  Remember to think big and outside of your comfort zone but make it that it is actually attainable. Place your favorite quotes on your board.  I love reading quotes because it ignites me and keeps me motivated.  Don't share your dreams or goals with anyone!  Keep them private for the time being.  It's interesting but i have found when you share your  goals with others negativity can sometimes pop its' ugly head.  Careful well meaning family and friends can really bring you down if they don't agree with your new plans. If you don't want anyone to squash your dreams then be quiet about them.
b.  Read motivational books and listen to lectures that ignite you into action.  You are in training and to be the artist in your life takes practice and consistency.  You are carving out a new life-your masterpiece so learn all that you can from others who have walked the same road. Create a library for yourself of books pertaining to your craft and of motivational writers.  This will keep you in an elevated mental space.
c.  Finish What you Start so keep a planner handy with you always.  Keep a schedule book or place an app on your smart phone whatever works for you is fine.  Learning how to manage your time is important in RE-creating your life. Some of us run around the day doing a million things and accomplishing nothing.  Plan your day the night before-make it a routine. Set weekly goals. Have a master sheet of  your goals for the year and then divide them into the twelve months.  For example:  January-     Return to College.
February-   Minimize Expenses
d.  Keep a journal.  So important to document your thoughts and many times  problems are solved through the act of writing.
e.  Join workshops or a networking group.  Create a master mind group.  Join  other "like" personalities because it will keep you energized, motivated and focused. You exchange great ideas that can empower one another.
4.  Remove Toxicity from your life.  Clean house-internal and external 
a.  De-clutter your space. Organize your surroundings.  Your space is your sanctuary.
b.  De-clutter your mind
c.  Remove negative people from your life.  Distance yourself from people who bring you down.  Negative friends are like swimming against to the ocean's currents. You will drown in a sea of negativity so clean your social circle.  
d.  Keep a clean diet. This is the hardest for most because we all find comfort in  what's considered "unhealthy" food like flour products, meat, sugar and fast food.  A clean diet helps us feel better and we will all drop the ball in this area what seems a million times but don't quit.  You will make changes but they need to be small.  We all see the bigger picture but we need baby steps to accomplish most of our goals.
e. Learn a new skill. 
e. Exercise is really important because it supplies oxygen all over your body to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. These are only a few and basic steps to get you started in creating a new life.  It all takes time but it will never happen if you don't take the first step. You are the engine! God is our creator but we are in partnership with him.  You are the co-creator of your life because God gave you free will.  You either choose to remain stuck in your present condition or you choose to move forward. God will supply all you need in your journey so pay attention to the people that come into your life. Be mindful of the situations that present themselves as opportunities. Be prepared to meet those opportunities with open arms.

Tomorrow:  Our Meditation

Smiles and hugs
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